Our Approach

The Village Approach

Our approach makes it easy for individuals and organizations to help out whenever they want and are able.

The answer lies in identifying the adults and organizations who care about foster kids, and then showing them that we care by being available to guide and support them, via The Village. Given the number of young people we plan to support, we need a large and diverse population to join with us in serving these kids.

It All Begins With Us:

By joining The Village and acknowledging the community’s pledge, we are letting foster children know that they are not alone. That, in addition to their foster parents, case manager or social worker, there are many of us who want to lend our support.

Join The Village

How the Village works

Though our online platform, you'll describe your unique skills, knowledge and other resources that you'd like to share. Then we'll identify potential matches with the needs, interests, and goals of the individual youth. It's important that we ensure the needs and interests of the Youth (i.e. demand) don't overwhelm the Guides (i.e. capacity). The Village will continually monitor this balance with the goal of someday being able to address all youth needs and interests in their entirety.

Youths describe interests and aspirations, Guides (community adults) specify experience and expertise.

Youth Sponsors (e.g. social worker, adult guardian) evaluate suggested matches and determine best fit.

Sponsor engages Guide to meet in person, talk via phone or to exchange mailing addresses.

Each Youth is responsible for closing the loop and sending a thank you to the Guide describing how the contribution helped them.
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller
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