Our Impact

The Village is about impacting lives

Our aim is to reduce the massive societal costs (human and financial) that exist today. We envision a future where all youth, regardless of their birth family status, experience achievements similar to their non-foster peers including gainful employment, housing, education, good health and more.

Consider the human costs

We will measure and track key factors and progress of all youth served by The Village. This includes regular and ongoing assessments of their status including education, employment, physical & mental health, family, socialization and other measures associated with overall well-being. These results will be compared to their foster and non-foster peers who do not participate in The Village.

Consider the financial costs

We will measure and track the estimated financial impact in terms of:

  • Financial ROI of The Village in terms of all forms of support provided by Village Guides to youth. For example, for every $1 invested in building and maintaining The Village, $15 worth of value was provided to youth.
  • Social Service expenses avoided by diverting foster youth from homelessness, drug addiction, under/unemployment, incarceration and early parenthood along with other adverse outcomes that result in social services expenditures.
  • Economic gains through increased lifetime income and the associated tax revenues generated from this income.
"If you can help a child, you don't have to spend years repairing an adult."
Joyce Meyer
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